Journal of Psychiatric Nursing - J Psy Nurs: 12 (2)
Volume: 12  Issue: 2 - 2021

Pages I - III

Perihan Güner
Page IV

3.Metaphors of nursing students on the perception of mental illness: A qualitative study
Yasemin Çekiç, Rüveyda Yüksel
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.79803  Pages 85 - 92

4.The opinions and practices of health professionals in community mental health centers on risk assessment
Fatma Ayhan, Besti Üstün
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.08769  Pages 93 - 102

5.Comparison of self-stigma and subjective recovery status of patients receiving Community Mental Health Service and outpatient psychiatry policlinic
Aydın Kurt, Etem Erdal Erşan, İpek Savaş
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.73383  Pages 103 - 112

6.Determination of the self-efficacy levels of parents with a child with cerebral palsy and the comparison of the parental self-efficacy levels
Merve Aşkın Ceran, Burcu Ceylan
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.29974  Pages 113 - 121

7.The effects of physical exercise on the depressive symptoms and quality of life of individuals diagnosed with depression
Simla Adagide, Nimet Karatas
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.19981  Pages 122 - 131

8.Psychosocial Status Assessment Scale For Children Aged 3–6 Years – Parent-Form development: Validity and reliability study
Emine Güneş Şan, Naime Altay
doi: 10.14744/phd.2021.70037  Pages 132 - 139

9.Developing Utkan Epidemic Anxiety Scale and analysing its psychometric properties
Meryem Fırat, Yalçın Kanbay, Ayşe Okanlı, Aysun Akçam, Mehmet Utkan
doi: 10.14744/phd.2021.31932  Pages 140 - 145

10.Reliability and validity of adaptation to the Turkish of the Bermond-Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire and developing of Turkish short form
Yıldız Bilge
doi: 10.14744/phd.2021.79847  Pages 146 - 155

11.Effect of the Nurse-Led "I Am the Hero of my Body” program on the sexual abuse knowledge of children: A quasi-experimental study
Esma Akgül, Sevda Darak, Fatma Nevin Sisman, Ayse Ergun
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.54775  Pages 156 - 164

12.The effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction program on quality of life in breast cancer: A systematic review
Merve Ataç
doi: 10.14744/phd.2021.68736  Pages 165 - 172

13.The use of humor in palliative care services
Beyhan Bag
doi: 10.14744/phd.2020.54036  Pages 173 - 179

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