Journal of Psychiatric Nursing - J Psy Nurs: 5 (2)
Volume: 5  Issue: 2 - 2014

Pages I - III

2.A systematic review of Antonovsky’s Sense of Coherence scale and its use in studies among nurses: implications for psychiatric and mental health nursing
Martin Ward, Michael Schulz, Dirk Bruland, Michael Lohr
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.28291  Pages 61 - 71

3.Depressive Symptoms in Karabuk University Health School Students
Sevgi Dinç Hür, Işıl Işık Andsoy, Ayşegüloksay Oksay Şahin, Maşide Kayhan, Sefa Eren, Nurşen Zünbül, Hilal Akgün, Nurcan İnanmaz
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.30075  Pages 72 - 76

4.Determination of the situation of exposed to verbal and physical violence of nurses
İlknur Kahriman
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.98698  Pages 77 - 83

5.Evaluation of group counseling for families of intellectual disabled children
Nalan Gördeles Beşer, Figen İnci
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.94830  Pages 84 - 91

6.The effect of a hand massage on pain and depression in the older people living in a nursing home: pilot study
Saime Erol, Merve Ertunc, Tugba Ozturk
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.29292  Pages 92 - 97

7.The Prevalance of Premenstrual Syndrome Among Nursing Students and Affecting Factors
Kevser Tarı Selçuk, Dilek Avcı, Figen Alp Yılmaz
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.55264  Pages 98 - 103

8.Insulin injection and finger sticking fear in diabetic people
Selda Celik, Rukiye Pınar
doi: 10.5505/phd.2014.85698  Pages 104 - 108

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