Journal of Psychiatric Nursing - J Psy Nurs: 2 (3)
Volume: 2  Issue: 3 - 2011

Pages I - III

2.Drug Compliance of Patients Hospitalized in the Psychiatry Clinic and the Relationship with Social Support
Meral Kelleci, Elvan E. Ata
Pages 105 - 110

3.Examining the Mode of Anger Expression in Adolescents with Psychiatric Disorders and their Parents
Demet Taşçı Eser, Besti Üstün
Pages 111 - 116

4.Evaluation According to the Functional Health Pattern Model and NANDA Diagnoses of Patient Care Plans Made by Nurses in a Psychiatry Department
Selma Sabancıoğulları, Elvan E. Ata, Meral Kelleci, Selma Doğan
Pages 117 - 122

5.Examination of the Relationship Between Critical Thinking Disposition and Academic Success of Nursing Students
Yalçın Kanbay, Elif Işık, Özgür Aslan
Pages 123 - 127

6.Ideas Regarding Psychotropic Drug Use among Inpatients in a Psychiatry Clinic and after Their Discharge from the Hospital with Follow-Up by Telephone
Meral Kelleci, Selma Doğan, Elvan E. Ata, Dilek Avcı, Selma Sabancıoğulları, Filiz Başeğmez, Meral İşkey
Pages 128 - 135

7.Stigma Process and Internalized Stigma among Individuals with Mental Illness
Olcay Çam, Döndü Çuhadar
Pages 136 - 140

8.Stigma Starts Early: The Role of Education among Young People Combating Stigma about Mental Illnesses
Gül Oban, Leyla Küçük
Pages 141 - 148

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