Factors affecting psychological symptoms and hope level in COVID-19 patients [J Psy Nurs]
J Psy Nurs. 2022; 13(3): 219-227 | DOI: 10.14744/phd.2022.27576

Factors affecting psychological symptoms and hope level in COVID-19 patients

Elif Gezginci1, Tugba Caner Karatas2, Sonay Goktas1
1Department of Surgical Nursing, Hamidiye Faculty of Nursing, University of Health Sciences, İstanbul, Türkiye
2Department of General Surgery, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Türkiye

INTRODUCTION: The aim of this study was to investigate the factors affecting psychological symptoms and hope level in patients diagnosed with coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).
METHODS: This descriptive study was conducted with 156 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who were treated in the pandemic ward of a training and research hospital between January and March 2021. Patient data were collected using a patient information form, the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), and the Dispositional Hope Scale (DHS).
RESULTS: The mean Global Severity Index score of the BSI was 0.45±0.36, the mean Positive Symptom Total (PST) score was 12.98±9.23, the mean Positive Symptom Distress Index score was 1.78±0.5, and the mean DHS total score was 46.42±9.41. Regression analysis yielded a significant cause and effect relationship between education status and anxiety disorder (F=7.953; p=0.005) as well as a relationship between age, gender, education level, income, and the pres-ence of chronic disease and the total hope score (F=3.158; p=0.010). There was a statistically significant negative correlation between the mean DHS score and the mean PST score (r=-0.262; p=0.001).
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The findings of this study revealed that overall, the patients displayed minimal psychological symptoms and a high level of hope. Age, gender, education, income, and the presence of chronic disease affected the hope level, while education had an effect on the level of anxiety. The hope level of the COVID-19 patients studied decreased as psychological symptoms increased. The development and implementation of psychological interventions to increase the hope level of these patients and the general public is recommended as a preventive and strengthening measure.

Keywords: COVID-19, hope, nursing, pandemics, psychology.

Elif Gezginci, Tugba Caner Karatas, Sonay Goktas. Factors affecting psychological symptoms and hope level in COVID-19 patients. J Psy Nurs. 2022; 13(3): 219-227

Corresponding Author: Elif Gezginci, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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